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Our engineers, sales force, and customer support teams are second-to-none. Rated 4 out of 5 by Chuckles from Gives me versatility Tired of buying radio specific PTT's every time my agency changed radios. By Claire Heininger, ASA(ALT) public affairs October 15, 2012. Harris has secured a contract to upgrade tactical radios for mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles of the US Air Force (USAF). Another first for tactical radios, the AN/PRC-152 can store multiple mission plan files to extend adaptability of fielded radios. [UPDATED 8:00 with Loren Thompson comment] This afternoon, the Army announced it had chosen Harris and Thales to make its Rifleman Radio, the 21st century walkie-talkie that links foot troops into Mission-critical products: Police radios, firefighter radios, radios for oil and gas and utilities operators, purpose-built for organizations who cannot compromise on their communications. Overall, a great piece of communications gear. harris pp-7913/urc for 1 kw amp unused cond. , the Harris Unity® XG-100P Full-Spectrum radio is the only portable on the market that has access to both digital APCO P25 secure and analog FM communications across VHF, UHF and 70. $1. M VHF/UHF Military Monitoring. It gave Harris Corporation $2. The two rivals are often locked in battles to supply the land mobile radios to defense and civilian customers. William "Bill" M. The PRC-152, for reference, does 10 watts for satcom, and even though it is not JTIC certified it was designed from day one to do satcom. But in our combined 31 years of covering the Defense The Racal VRM-5080 is a modern 50 Watt VHF FM Radio Transceiver designed for installation in armoured or soft-skin military vehicles. The real PRC-152 Falcon III radios made by Harris are not available on the commerical market and the ones that are available are very expensive. Sep 27, 2018 Harris. has unveiled its Falcon III RF-300H, which the company bills as " The new Harris RF-300H manpack radio provides more security and What could the government want with this civilian flamethrower drone? Developed by Harris' radio frequency communications division, the Falcon II line of a variety of military or civilian network-based programs,” Kroon remarks. S. harris equipment and parts “y” adapter cable unused cond. AT PRC-3088 series transceivers are available in two modifications in analoque and digital. Learn More- opens in a new window or tab Any international postage is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. ? Something a little nicer than a Cobra walkie. For me, the others were for nostalgia's sake. Harris Two Way Radio. Army’s first fielded two-channel, software defined radio that connects to the new Mobile User Objective Satellite (MUOS) network, providing soldiers with clear, smartphone-like voice communications wherever they are deployed. Commanders in Afghanistan are experiencing a reduced decision cycle through use of a radio that extends the network down to—and provides situational awareness at—the lowest levels while allowing warfighters to access the network while on the move. The AN/PRC-155 Manpack radio is the U. WASHINGTON (AUSA Booth 1907) Harris Corporation, a leading supplier of software-defined tactical radios for worldwide defense forces, has been awarded a $1. Air National Guard. Handheld, Manpack and Small Form Fit (HMS) develops and produces affordable networking tactical radio systems that meet the requirements of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and are interoperable with specified radios in the current forces. LEARN MORE. The PRC-112() Survival Radio replaces the PRC-90 family of survival radios that are issued to military aircraft crew members. The number of tactical radios available in the market can leave you stumped and even the best and most knowledgeable people are left unsure. Brown is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of L3 Harris Technologies, Inc. Usage Area: USA and Canada: Two-way radios made for use in the USA are generally not legal to use outside North America. functions in the radio for the foreign market. M/A-COM P7100 and P7200’s, he said, which are manufactured by the same company that Cumberland County uses for their radio communications. Of course the other radios you mention are actually JTIC certified satcom radios. INTRODUCTION. • The primary AN/PRC-117G waveform is the ANW2, which is a Harris Corporation proprietary waveform. Harris will provide its Falcon II (HF) radios in manpack and base station configurations. Harris Mfr. Apr 24, 2019 As is the case with Harris radios for ANASOC, a partner's capacity will not be enhanced when the selection of FMS equipment is based on what  Jul 23, 2013 The Army's Joint Tactical Networking Center has certified the software used in a tactical handheld radio developed by Harris Corp. This page is an introduction for those new to the world of VHF and UHF military monitoring, as well as for folks more seasoned in the hobby. additionally, the an/prC-152 provides robust beyond line-of-sight capability with dedicated channel mil-std-188-181b for 5 Khz and 25 Khz channels, including advanced narrow band digital Voice terminal (andVt) with up to 56 kbps data. ( price includes shpping) VHF Military tactical radio, tactical radio system, military radio, tactical radios wholesale distributor and manufacturer of communication MURS radios can now be commonly found online at retailers such as Amazon. the Army has purchased 100 of the two-channel, software-defined radios, which Harris PRC-152 Home Power Management & Communications RADIOS, ANTENNAS, AND ACCESSORIES Harris PRC-152 The Falcon III® AN/PRC-152 single-channel multiband, multimission handheld radio provides the optimal transition to JTRS technology. I don't know of any civilian radios that do 150hz tone squelch, otherwise you would have to run the SINCGARS in open squelch mode. Two levels of access are available. Last year, they battled for an Army contract to supply the radios for the Detroit The AN/PRC-152 Multiband Handheld Radio (Harris Falcon III) is a portable, compact, tactical software-defined combat-net radio manufactured by Harris  The Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) aimed to replace existing radios in the American JTRS was a family of software-defined radios that were to work with many existing military and civilian radios. The problem with the old survival radios was that they were simple beacon transmitters with no ID capability so when one went off accidentally (a common occurrence considering that there are roughly 556,000 121. DJF-15-1200-R-0000068 (RFP 68) and DJF-15-1200-R-0000081 (RFP 81), issued by the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), to acquire land mobile radio (LMR) equipment through the issuance of a single delivery order under each RFP. 7 billion and Thales Communications Inc. So there's a market for a replica Falcon III radio ( NATO Base TRI) that looks like the PRC-152. DESCRIPTION. We were pleasantly surprised with how well it works, how strong it is in the field when in rain, fording creeks, going through mud and slime, cold weather, hot weather, it doesn't matter, the TRI PRC-152 came through everything we threw at it and came out a solid winner!! Communications is still one of the most critical sectors of military electronics, and a great deal of battlefield communications still relies on traditional tactical radios. Midian's TS-130-SM1G-MIL provides GPS / GLONASS location for military manpack radios. Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications is a leading supplier of assured communications® systems and equipment for public safety, governement, utility, commercial and transportation markets – with products ranging from the most advanced IP voice and data networks, to industry leading multiband, multimode radios, to public safety-grade broadband video and data solutions. . Post by Radio guy » Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:48 pm Harris also made the original PRC-117/RF-3090 series which will frequency hop in the 30-90MHz range and can be key loaded from the front panel. There are lots of old PRC-25, 77s, PRC-68 series and foreign made military radios that do VHF lo with 150Hz squelch. While cell phones have become our primary communication devices because of convenience, versatility, and portability. The radios may be legally operated on these frequencies by the hams. The acquisition of Harris' night vision business opens a huge market for Elbit Systems, both domestic and international. Harris has also added a line of public safety radios called Unity, Rand says. It also comes in four variants: UHF Vehicle, VHF Vehicle, UHF Manpack, and VHF Manpack. Harris 30. By obtaining prior approval, various civilian radios with AM, CW, and SSB capabilities can be used. com. Learn More The radios were also used on marine crafts and in communications shelters. Rugged, immersible (option), and intrinsically safe (pending option), the XG-75P is the ideal solution for customers who operate their radios in the toughest of conditions. These New Black Ops Radios Are Better Than Some Cell Phones. P7100 (2 Midland LXT and GXT Radios (1) Military and Civilian Harris Corporation is a top 10 defense company solving customers’ toughest challenges by providing innovative solutions that connect, inform and protect. Harris RF Communications is also a leading supplier of assured communications® systems and equipment for public safety, utility and transportation markets — with products ranging from the most advanced IP voice and data networks to portable and mobile single- and multiband radios. Capable of communications over distances of 3,000 km or more, they are rapidly deployed and require minimal infrastructure. They always issued hirose connectors for surveillance kits, I bought this to fit. 1W to 3W VHF 30MHz to 88MHz, full civilian CTSS squelch,  Jul 25, 2017 Harris showcased its RF-7850S radio at this year's Eurosatory exhibition. With the unique wireless cloning feature, squads of radios can be quickly and securely reconfigured to meet dynamic operational needs. Without a doubt one of the coolest radios I had a chance to play with was the Harris PRC-150, a 20 watt HF unit that houses quite a bit of capability into one package. Aug 14, 2009 During the course, I got to play with a lot of radios that most civilians have never heard of including the following: Harris AN/PRC-150 HF ALE  Out of these I'd choose the Harris 152, it's a solid all-around radio that can be carried on dismount, but the real winner would be the Harris  Jun 27, 2018 Such reconfigurable software to an existing radio platform allows different defined radios (SDRs) developed by General Dynamics, Harris Corporation, to receive signals from GPS satellites at all civilian GPS frequencies. as meeting its requirements for interoperability and security HF radios, VHF Combat Net Radios, UHF soldier radios, multiband Software Defined Radios, secure wireless broadband solutions microwave radios, intercom and radio nodes. 5 billion in annual revenue and 21,000 employees worldwide. However, I did get a very good deal off of a local vendor. Army receives go-ahead on Manpack radio production. Harris supports government and commercial customers in more than 100 countries and have approximately $7. forces and those of allied countries. Harris RF selling more to foreign militaries. When using civilian radio equipment, proper military procedures will be used. A. Learn More- opens in a new window or tab Any international postage and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. Harris has won a $100 million follow-on contract to supply additional multiband handheld and high-frequency Falcon manpack tactical radios to the Australian Department of Defence (DoD). Please try again later. Is there a better field radio than the AN/PRC-25?: The AN/PRC-25 was dependable in the field. For portable VHF-AM communications we have available the excellent Icom line of products, such as the IC-A6, IC-A14, IC-A24 and IC-A25 which according to aeronautical VHF radio reviews are the most cost effective portable aviation radios in the market. Feb 25, 2008 With delays to satellite programs forcing costly civilian bandwidth buys, and Harris informs DID that “hundreds” of these packages are being  180 products Shop Grainger for reusable two way radio headsets. com, 2016-06-12. Shop now! manpack, and vehicular military radios manufactured by Harris Harris Corp engineered the Falcon II radios to civilian ground-to-air communications. 9 million contract from the U. Although they can be programmed and configured to most any waveform or band you want, I wouldn't expect a DOD or government contractor to supply this software Third, 5 watts is generally not enough to do it, though that's not always an insurmountable obstacle to it. We deliver Harris M/A-Com P7100 accessories that help make the most of your radio assets. Radio communication is a very extensive subject and can leave you easily confused. While their physical appearances have not changed much over the past two decades, these radios have evolved a great deal in terms of modulation, encryption, and security. The contract was awarded during the fourth quarter of Harris’ 2016 fiscal year. Beginning in FY 2019, the Army realigned direct civilian personnel pay costs from  Various radio and headset connector models available • Multiple cable length with my Kenwood, motorola and Harris Unity radios without buying another PTT. We have a huge “ready to ship” stock of discounted, new a International postage and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Army contracts to supply and deliver the manpack and vehicular versions of the Falcon II PRC-117F(C). Tactical HF Radios L3Harris HF manpack radios are flexible and reliable solutions for forward-deployed forces in remote areas. Field proven equipment, deployed all around the world, featuring critical security and ECCM functions while implementing state-of-the-art technologies to warranty easy system Re: Closest thing to military radios for civilians. Harris RF I build and test tactical and public safety radios at Harris. Radio Customer Test was completed on July 14, 2017; all three vendors (Harris . This radio Much like the civilian smartphone world, OTAM enables  Nov 22, 2015 The 32 staffers at Harris County's radio shop are two steps removed or hunting down a civilian threatening the integrity of a radio frequency. Neither is for civilian use. Harris in the number one supplier of tactical radios to NATO and the U. The radio covers the 30 to 76 MHz frequency band and comes with an integrated control / keyboard unit with a built in Red LED readout display. Harris is a leading supplier of communications systems and equipment that connect, inform and protect public safety, federal, utility, commercial and transportation markets. After 2010, JTRS radios are expected to supersede most earlier tactical radio systems in the U. A group of individuals who collect, refurbish and operate the yesteryear radios which contained vacuum tubes. About Harris Corporation Harris 6. $495 ea. The models that we offer are not new and appropriately styled; these are original devices that were manufactured decades ago, and that is why they have an enormous sentimental value. Harris CU-2310/URC Antenna Coupler for URC-119(V) / RF-350K / RT-1446 URC 500W NSN: 5985-01-161-1724, AS-IS SEE DESCRIPTION sku9841 Add to Wishlist Ask a Question waveform, which allows interoperability with civilian authorities. The military can move in mysterious ways, especially when it comes to the arcane and often-dysfunctional bureaucratics of buying gear. Dec 31, 2017 Handheld, Manpack, and Small Form Fit Radios (HMS) . com and are starting to increase in popularity as more people find out what they’re missing. p Harris A16A3 10215-1350 Rear Power Distribution Circuit Board Assembly / PWB ASSY, REAR PWR DIST for RF-590A & R2368/URR sku12152 The Harris M/A-Com P7100 radio has been in operation for over a decade, and is the prefered radio of U. Enables Army and federal civilian agencies to easily acquire spare parts for Harris tactical radios Further supports Harris’ position as sustainment provider to the Department of Defense Dr. Radio is currently ANALOG operation only. AT PRC-3088 is analog radio and AT PRC-3088D is Digital radio with recording/playing function. Harris RF Communications is the leading global supplier of secure tactical radio communications products for military and civilian government organizations. Offering a dual power source – either via the included rechargeable battery or AA batteries for up to 26 continuous hours of use - the Motorola is guaranteed to be ready when you need it to be. P7100 (2 Midland LXT and GXT Radios (1) Military and All XG-75P portable radios have an easy-to-read display and is designed with knobs and buttons that are easily adjusted by users wearing heavy gloves. defense contractor Harris Corp has launched the sale of parts of its Critical Networks division, according to people familiar with the matter, its first divestiture move after striking a deal Harris offers a range of solutions and products ranging from the most advanced IP voice and data radio communications systems, to the LMR industry’s most reliable and flexible multiband portable and mobile radios, to public safety-grade broadband video and data network solutions. The first product released was the Unity XG-100 multiband portable land mobile radio. Find temple transducer headsets, over the head, tactical and other models. an $18 million contract to Harris Corp for its next-gen Falcon III manpack (which generate and transmit the signal) and handheld Harris MACom VHF 136-174 MHZ 1024 channel 6W portable radio - model numberXG-75P (EVXG-PBV1B). Make BMI Surplus your #1 source for brand name, high quality Used & New Radio & RF Equipment Radio Equipment & RF Equipment Accessories. AN/PRC-152 Handheld Radio. Please choose one of the following options: Harris Corporations’ AN/PRC-117 multiband manpack radios have been produced in variants A through G, since the 1990s. $3. The Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) evolved from a loosely associated group of radio replacement programs to an integrated effort to network multiple weapon system platforms and forward combat units where it matters most – at the last tactical mile. No monthly subscriber fees when using Google Earth or Terrain Navigator Pro. r. Learn More Serving as a “bridge” in the network, the Manpack Radio, otherwise known as the AN/PRC-155, is a two-channel software defined radio that enables Soldiers carrying Rifleman Radios and Nett Warrior handheld devices to connect to the network backbone. Browse your favorite brands ✅ affordable prices ✅ free  The RO Tactical Radio provides end-users with a beyond line of site (BLOS) Iridium radio with ranges of 100-250 miles in a hand-held form factor. Harris Corporation supplying ground-to-air radios to ANG Harris Corporation is to produce ground-to-air tactical radio systems for the U. Physical limits However, the technology is still . Harris. Learn More- opens in a new window or tab International postage paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. For the price of a Harris Unity radio, I could have bought 6 Motorola XTS5000 radios. This capability  Oct 2, 2017 CONTRACTS NAVY Harris Radio Frequency Communications, Rochester, of privately owned vehicles belonging to DoD civilian employees. $29 ea. f. L3Harris multiband tactical handheld and manpack radios enhance interoperability between military and public safety forces. When you buy Harris radios, you don’t just buy a product. Indeed Harris controls each copy of the software based on the serial numbers of the radios it is authorized to program (not sure if the same is true of Thales, not that it matters). TASK: Operate SINCGARS Radio Single Channel TEST CONDITIONS: Given an AN/PRC 119 or AN/PRC 119A, an SOI or ANCD, and a requirement to prepare the radio for operation. Under the terms of the $12m deal, Harris will supply Falcon III AN/PRC-152A wideband networking handheld radios that are designed to deliver simultaneous secure GPS / GLONASS Speaker Microphone for Military Manpack Radios. Vintage radios for sale – old, crude and wheezing, but certainly extremely precious. Sky Soldiers introduce new radios to Ukrainian soldiers conducts hands-on training on the Harris 7800v radio system with a "We have been using civilian radios for our anti-terrorism Motorola Series XPR Radios Shop Grainger for reusable two way radio headsets. Dennis Martinez is the Chief Technology Officer for the Harris RF Communications Division. We have more than 80 years of experience in public safety and professional communications, and support over 500 systems around the world. Mar 9, 2017 Harris Corp. My civilian job requires me to use mostly VHF/UHF/800MHz, and the radio must be intrinsically safe. military; Harris GOES-R Ground System allows accurate the mission-critical challenges of the firm's civilian A manpack radio enables on-the-move data flow in Afghanistan. . The AT PRC-3088 Motorola's 22-Channel long range two way radios are a great way to stay in touch over long distances. troops worldwide. I can now use my Peltor headsets with my Kenwood, motorola and Harris Unity radios without buying another PTT. No. This feature is not available right now. Military and Civilian Radio System Shop Grainger for reusable two way radio headsets. TEST STANDARDS: Load the SINCGARS radio with the required single-channel frequency(ies) within five minutes IAW TM 11-5820-890-10 8. Our uniquely designed radios are field tested and proven to deliver in the most demanding combat conditions. 0 Jun 2004 Contract for Falcon II radios from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Defence. The AN/PRC-117 is a single radio that replaces three existing radios (AN/PRC-113, AN/PSC-5, and AN/PRC-119 SINCGARS). Army's first fielded two-channel, software defined radio that connects soldiers to the new MUOS network. Boat Anchor Collectors. Mexico formally allocates only FRS channels. Radios feature codes are listed below along with the complete list of radio features available. 5 billion for first-year procurement and   Whether it's force modernization, added interoperability or latest-generation capabilities, our software-defined handheld radios deliver network-centric ground   Our land mobile radio solutions play a vital role in our customers' lives—we connect, inform and protect public safety, federal, utility, commercial and  Harris Two Way Radios provide innovative, reliable solutions that deliver critical national intelligence, civilian and international government, public safety and  Nov 24, 2014 My previous article on radio communication was a primer that went into detail about why you'd want to learn about radios, the way they operate  Jan 23, 2014 Using a new generation of squad-based radio technology known as that it has awarded an $18 million contract to Harris Corp for its next-gen and civilian radio systems in the event of a national disaster where local, state,  Results 1 - 25 of 1214 Get the best deal for Harris Radios from the largest online selection at eBay. At Harris, we make sure our team is covered through unparalleled benefits that help you live your life to its fullest. For every move you make on the field, Harris is right behind you. Iraq is acquiring radios and accessories from both the Harris Falcon II and Falcon III families for its security forces. General Dynamics Mission Systems is no longer producing the AN/PRC-155 Manpack radio. When I first started in this whole off-grid and guerrilla communications stuff, I was looking for civilian side solutions to some of the same equipment I had when I was in the Army. Testing of the full capabilities in a Harris IT Services Corporation protests the terms of request for proposal Nos. Used and New Radio & RF Equipment for sale . The portable radios used in that incident were Harris Corp. The RF-7800V VHF Combat Net Radio provides continuous coverage in the 30 to 108 MHz frequency band and delivers performance and flexibility unlike any other Harris MACom VHF 136-174 MHZ 1024 channel 6W portable radio - model numberXG-75P (EVXG-PBV1B). I would carry two or three extra batteries, a brush, and an extra handset. The software-upgradeable AN/PRC-152 is the tactical radio Harris. as meeting  Oct 16, 2018 tactical communication CDL waveforms for Harris radios to be used US flight simulator consultation solutions for military and civilian. The AN/PRC-152 was designed, developed, and produced to military standards as a Harris Corporation internally funded product. U. 9 million off the GSA schedule to supply 162 radios to support its next Network Integration Evaluation exercise this October at White Sands Missile Range, N. It's unlikely you could get one, even if you could get one legally neither Harris nor Thales would provide you the software necessary to program it. Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) has received a $15 million order to provide tactical radios, management systems, training and field support services to a nation in the Middle East as part of an ongoing modernization program. • The AN/PRC-117G is capable of simultaneously transmitting both Voice over Internet Protocol and digital data on a single • The Army has fielded the AN/PRC-117G radio to combat units in Afghanistan. Military Radios by Era ↳ WWII and Korean Era ↳ Vietnam Era ↳ Modern Era; Ancillary Equipment of All Eras ↳ Antennas and Support Structures ↳ Accessories, Cables and Connectors ↳ Intercom, Telephone and PA Systems ↳ Power Conversion ↳ Test Equipment ↳ Other RF Emitting or Receiving Devices; Marketplace ↳ For Sale The Army awarded Harris Corp. L3Harris is a global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. the The Harris Tactical Communications Technical Customer Service Support site is designed specifically for Harris Tactical Communications products and services and provides the added value that you have come to expect from Harris. The Army’s Joint Tactical Networking Center has certified the software used in a tactical handheld radio developed by Harris Corp. Photo: Harris Corporation. The Harris Falcon III handheld works with the fielded Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Systems (SINCGARS), VHF/UHF AM and FM, and optional Have Quick radios, has an optional APCO-P25 Is there a civilian version of our MBITR radio's that would be good for hunting, hiking, etc. Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) for Falcon III AN/PRC-152 multiband handheld radios. Harris is also watching the Army’s long-awaited next move on what it will do to acquire an airborne-tier capability. The radio has been designed pri- marily to carry voice traffic, although is in widespread use in the civilian law enforcement world and safety-critical industries. Part of Army LEADER Radio Contract Harris announced on 20 September  The PRC-155 Manpack radio is the U. Harris Corporation, Melbourne, Florida, has received a $51 million order from the government of Iraq to provide high-performance tactical communication solutions for a range of security missions. Most anything tactical since the '80's has crypto and public safety is P25 phases I and II now. In addition to secure line-of-sight and SATCOM communications, our multiband radio solutions are compact, lightweight and built on customer-proven L3Harris Falcon® technology. In 2005, the frequencies used for two-way radios in the United States and Canada were aligned, both meeting the same requirements. This is a very good radio for the money. The radio set can be use by its own or interconnected with other radios for use as a relay station, controlled remotely with remote telephone facilities for radio/wire integration (rwi) and, connected in conjunction with vehicular radio-intercom equipment. You buy a team. 0 Nov 2004 – The U. 5 MHz Analysis: Elbit Systems of America, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems and the Harris Corporation have agreed to move forward with the acquisition of Harris’ Night Vision business for $350 million. The company had developed a radio for the Army’s Small Airborne Networking Radio program based on its ground-based radios, but the service is moving away from procuring SANR in favor of something else. Since circuit boards are the brains behind Harris' military and civilian radios, the boards must be inspected at virtually every step of the Home C4ISR Radios and Accessories Harris PSPC – XG-25M – Economical, Feature-Rich Mobile Radio NEED A QUOTE? Products are available for DOD, Federal, State, and Local Government Agency ordering. Radios feature codes are listed below along with the complete l The introduction of the SRX 2200 P25 two-way portable radio combined our proven experience with integrated Intra-Squad Radios (IISR) and rugged combat radio design to deliver secure communications when our troops need it most. Shop through a wide selection of Two-Way Radios at Amazon. Made in the U. Our legendary APX™ series of two-way radios combines sophisticated technology with incredible toughness and precise ergonomic controls. The great thing about MURS frequencies is that they can be programmed (with or without PL codes) into existing radios which can be a backup to licensed communication. Free shipping and free returns on eligible items. The handsets were sometimes a problem, along with the whip antenna, when you had to use it. That pushed me to buy the Unity. Surplus radios are often an inexpensive means for getting 'on the air' for a new ham. AT PRC-3088 VHF Handheld Transceiver is modern tactical radio designed for military environments. harris civilian radios

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